Water-oil Mixed Lubricant

Making every sex smooth

The Love For Pleasure

With more blood engorging your erection, you’re longer and wider than bringing you and your partner dramatically increased pleasure

Harder, Longer, Happier

Extreme Lasting

Easy to Wash

More Funn

Features Highlight

Dual Ring

The double ring stretches comfortably around the base of the cock and testicles and may help enhance erections and pleasure.

Multi Wearing Ways

Share the ultimate pleasure with your partner, enriching your sexual taste and weakening more lasting intercourse.

Pleasure Enhancer

With more blood engorges your erection, you’re more extended and broader, dramatically increasing pleasure for you and your partner.

Body Safe Silicone

They’re made only from the highest quality silicone on the market. They go on smooth and fit comfortably snug. 100% waterproof with no smell


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Play with Partner

Use Other Toys at the Same Time

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Material: Premium Grade Silicone
Weight: 14.8 grams
Color: White/Black
Waterproof: Waterproof

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